Week 21 – Tech House for Summer

52mixes Week 21 – Tech House for Summer by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

Week 21 of ‪#‎52mixes‬ is a fun mix on the harder, tech-y side of house. Takes a flight from the US to London, heads north to Manchester, flies to Switzerland, Italy, Budapest and Croatia, and back again. Tracks from Chicago favs Iz & Diz, remixes by/of Detroit’s Carl Craig, and a textbook jackin’ tune by Snilloc from Budapest that sounds an awful lot like another famous house tune around the 30min mark (don’t tell Lil’ Louis), but all work is somewhat derivative, right? It works for me. Happy Summer!


1. Paperclip People – “The Climax (PCP Version)”
2. Farfan & Sebb – “Special Feeling”
3. Pete Bones – “Julia Bursts (Rogers & Bones Remix)”
4. Dani Casarano – ‘Spoil Toma12 (Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev Remix)”
5. Nikola Gala – “Got to Groove (Oxia Remix)”
6. Iz & Diz – “Juvenated”
7. Lance DeSardi – “Race The Clock”
8. Nick Curly – “Rack and Run”
9. Snilloc -“Elso”
10. Meramek – “Bounce”
11. Chicken Lips – “He Not In (Eats Everything Chicken Tits Rewix)”
12. Universal Solution -“Lost Code”
13. Guti – “El Solitario (Carl Craig Remix)”
14. Snilloc – “What You Like”
15. Platinum Doug – “Brown Sugar (Croatia Squad Remix)”

Week 20 – 1980s Soundtrack Obscura

52mixes Week 20 – 1980s Soundtrack Obscura by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

Whether we admit it or not, DJs are influenced by more than just traditionally released music. Soundtracks and film scores both influence us in our music choices, and act as a magnet for our skills in setting moods. Many DJs go on to score films. That said, Week 20 of ‪#‎52mixes‬ is a relatively obscure collection of songs that have influenced me since youth. From Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind on “The Shining” to Michael McDonald’s last top ten hit off “Running Scared”, soundtracks influence us all. I avoided the famous John Williams and Danny Elfman scores from the 1980s for this collection of misfits. Enjoy!

1. Michael McDonald – “Sweet Freedom”
2. Torch Song – “Prepare To Energize (Fong Test)”
3. Giorgio Moroder with Philip Oakley – “Together In Electric Dreams”
4. Tangerine Dream – “The Dream Is Always The Same”
5. Payola$ – “Eyes of a Stranger”
6. Gerard McMann & Michael Mainieri – “Cry Little Sister”
7. Tahnee Cain & The Tryanglz – “Burnin’ In The Third Degree”
8. Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind – “The Rocky Mountains”
9. James Horner & London Symphony Orchestra – “Main Title from Aliens”
10. Chaz Jankel – “Number One”
11. Eurythmics – “Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)”
12. John Carpenter – “The Bank Robbery”
13. Vangelis – “Blade Runner Blues”
14. Alphaville – “Forever Young”
15. Arthur B. Rubenstein – “End of the World”
16. Brad Fiedel – “Desert Suite”

Week 19 – Summer Drum and Bass

52mixes Week 19 – Summer Drum and Bass by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

For those that are familiar with music release schedules, the period of time from late March to early June is the golden season. All the big Summer jams are either out on demo release in time to test the crowds @ WMC in Miami, or the finishing touches are being put on for the big tunes you will hear all Summer long. This mix is an example of the latest melodic liquid drum & bass tunes I think sound good in a car with the windows down. Enjoy!

1. Daryl Hall & John Oates – “You Make My Dreams” (loop)
2. Fliwo – “Never Divide (feat. Charlotte Haining)”
3. Macca & Loz Contreras – “Against The Wall”
4. Rowpieces – “Always Remember The Roots”
5. DJ Chap & Andrezz – “Roll Around”
6. Iandys & MC Matte – “Love Affair”
7. Bachelors Of Science – “Cartier”
8. In-Deed – “Beneath The Sky”
9. Technimatic – “The Golden Section”
10. LSB -“Walking Blues”
11. Nelver & Malaky – “Don’t Look Back”
12. Calibre Dnb – “The Sweet”
13. Bachelors Of Science – “On the Line (feat. Collette Warren & Ben Soundscape)”
14. Aquasion – “Keep It Real”
15. Nu:Logic – “What I’ve Always Waited For”
16. Roygreen & Protone – “Navarro”

Week 18 – Blu Mar Brownstone Boards of Aphex Autechre

52mixes Week 18 – Blu Mar Brownstone Boards of Aphex Autechre by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

Week 18 of ‪#‎52mixes‬ was me basically mixing together whatever seemed to flow from artists who’s names started with the letters A, B, or C in my library. I dedicate this mix to the recently deceased Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell from Brownstone. Her death proves that even when you think you’re safe drinking wine at home, you can fall neck-first on your goddamn wine glass and bleed out on the bathroom floor. Rest in peace, girl. Your voice absolutely makes “If You Love Me” a true hit. (and yes, apparently that is how she died – I’m looking at you, conspiracy theorists)

Logically, this mix shouldn’t make sense, but musically it all works out just fine if you embrace the randomness of the whole thing. What originally started as an everyday battle royale between Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards Of Canada and Blu Mar Ten, quickly devolved into a free-for-all including a guest appearance by the aforementioned Grammy nominated 90s R&B group Brownstone. A song heavily sampled by drum and bass artists in the 1990s.

1. Aphex Twin – “avril 14th”
2. Blu Mar Ten – “All Thoughts Are Prayers”
3. Aether – “Variance”
4. Autechre – “Bike”
5. Aphex Twin – “On”
6. Boards of Canada – “1969”
7. Aphex Twin – “Blue Calx”
8. Boards of Canada – “Music Is Math”
9. Afta-1 – “The Facts”
10. Autechre – “Eggshell”
11. Aphex Twin – “bbydhonchord”
12. Boards of Canada – “Nothing Is Real”
13. Blu Mar Ten – “Five Summers”
14. Boards of Canada – “Kid for Today”
15. Brownstone – “If You Love Me”

Week 17 – Return 2015 Volume 3: Dancefloor DnB Rollers

52mixes Week 17 – Return 2015 Volume 3: Dancefloor DnB Rollers by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

Wrapping up a great weekend in Chicago with the third and final installment of “Return 2015″. So much great music out there, just took a while to dig it up. This mix certainly on the more uptempo, dancefloor-friendly drum & bass vibe. Still keeping it soulful and melodic, as per The Misfit DJ usual.

Big shouts to the fuel used for the last three ‪#‎52mixes‬: Russian label Liquid Brilliants run by Jebar-Liquid Briliants Davyd, the killer jazzy sounds released on Textures Music Group, Shogun Audio, Flexout, RAM Records, Ingredients Records, LD Music, Soul Deep Recordings, InnA Rhythm recordings,Breaking Records, and many more. Support your independent artists, producers, and record labels!


1. Bensley – “Next Generation”
2. Gran Calavera – “Unreachable”
3. Tidal – “Soul Expressions”
4. Furney – “Don’t Want Me No More”
5. DBR UK – “Pushing On”
6. Metrik & Friction – “Timelapse”
7. Aquasion – “Raregroove Jack”
8. Greekboy – “Drums, Bass & Guitars”
9. Clart & Kalum – “4 Ur Luv”
10. Ji Ben Gong & Azhot – “Feeling My Soul”
11. Lurch – “Confessions”
12. Dan Bowskill & Kalm – “Living in the Red”
13. Jrumhand – “Wax”
14. Dave Catalyst – “Distance”
15. DSVS – “Nature”

Week 16 – Return 2015 Vol 2: Jazzy and Melodic DnB Rollers

52mixes Week 16 – Return 2015 Vol 2: Jazzy and Melodic DnB Rollers by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

Volume 2 of “Return 2015″ is right in the musical sweet spot for me when it comes to drum and bass. Big, melodic, jazzy rollers with the occasional vocal to keep it interesting. Those that know me, also know that I attempt to produce this type of music as well. Much harder than DJing, that is for f*cking sure!

I dedicate this mix to the old Kunnin Mindz crew that supported me every week for 2 years on the Soul Rollin Show. Massive shouts for the opportunity to fly over and DJ at the KM allnighter @ Rhythm Factory in London. Was a bit surreal to be onstage with Nicky Blackmarket and Ragga Twins, and I don’t think I even slept before flying back to Chicago the next morning. Special props to Octarine Drift, Debbie Sparks, Mitten Trident, Kev Will, Craig Du Boulay, Sonna Yardrock,Dean Piro, the Noizy Neighbourz, Ben-deejay Snear, and the rest of you goons. BIG UP

1. Actraiser – “Forest of Illusion”
2. Brunno Junglist & j:logic – “Leftover Love (Stunna Remix)”
3. Mayforms – “Runaway”
4. MSDOS & Malaky – “Long Distance”
5. Tokalosh – “Cosmic Dark”
6. Midn8Runner – “The Road”
7. Kasper – “Vivaldi (Mos Remix)”
8. Bert H – “Togliatti”
9. Flowrian – “Jasmine”
10. Marvel Cinema – “Jazz Technique”
11. Furney – “You”
12. Northern Horizon – “Abyss”
13. Aquasion & Scott Allen – “Feel The Rhythm”
14. Mayforms & Insaint – “City Nightlife”

Week 15 – Return 2015 Vol 1: Soulful Drum and Bass

52mixes Week 15 – Return 2015 Vol 1: Soulful Drum and Bass by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

Week 15 is my first live mix in the new Logan Square space. The name is a nod to the 1998 mixtape “The Return”, which also referenced the move back to Chicago in 1998. This week is the first volume of a series of “Return 2015″ mixes. More to come, but this first volume is focused on recent releases in the the so-called “liquid” drum and bass genre. Basically, melodic and soulful drum and bass.


1. Elliott Mac – “Like It Is (You & Me)”
2. Drs – “What They Do feat. S.P.Y and Sholaby”
3. Bcee & S.P.Y – “Is Anybody out There?”
4. Mutated Forms – “Need the Time”
5. Netsky – “I Refuse”
6. Kubiks – “Silverline feat. Monique”
7. Drs – “Something to Believe In feat. Calibre”
8. Chromatic & J Daure – “Le Tricolore”
9. Madface – “Bright Future”
10. Culture Shock & Bryn Christopher – “City Lights feat. Bryn Christopher”
11. Kubiks & Bcee – “Ten Years On”
12. Sikey – “Ariamis”
13. Intelligent Manners & Malaky – “Tears”
14. Chorux – “Don’t Even Know”
15. Redeyes – “Memory Lane”


Week 14 – The Return (1998)

52mixes Week 14 – The Return (1998) by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

“The Return” from 1998 found me digging deep into some of the more abstract sounds, spoken word, and experimental tracks being released at the time. Luckily, the crew at ITFAIS Studio was patient and supportive. I also dropped in big drum and bass hits such as “Naked Lunch”, “Miles From Home” and the Grooverider remix of “Pacific 808″.

P.S. Props to Chad Miller for the collab on the “bonus track” we put together in 1998 in the basement studio, recorded on DAT and released on a handful of dubplates: “No Rehearsal”. Much love!

1. Unknown – “Deep Space”
2. 808 State – “Pacific 808 (Grooverider Jeep Mix)”
3. Los Amigos Invisibles – “Sexy (Breakbeat Science Mix)”
4. Swan-E & Undacut – “Russian Roulette”
5. Spring Heel Jack – “Casino (DJ SS Nevada Mix)”
6. Roni Size – “Watching Windows (Ed Rush & Optical Version 2)”
7. Cloud Nine – “Twist”
8. John B – “Star Burst 1.1″
9. William Burroughs – “Present Time Exercises”
10. John B – “Sax Therapy”
11. Peshay – “Miles From Home”
12. Hoax – “Abracada”
13. EZ Rollers- “Tough At the Top (Origin Unknown Remix)”
14. Ed Rush & Optical – “Naked Lunch”
15. Hoax – “The More I See You”
16. Matrix – “Convoy”
17. DJ Misfit & Mad Chiller – “No Rehearsal (Dubplate bonus track)”

Week 13 – Pressure ’97 Part B

52mixes Week 13 – Pressure '97 Part B by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

Week 13 of ‪#‎52mixes‬ is the other side of my 1997 mixtape “Pressure ’97”. The focus here was on my favorite genre at the time, and still one of my favorites today: atmospheric drum and bass. 1997 was just barely past the first peak of classic atmospheric drum and bass with releases like “Music” by Ltj Bukem and Roni Size / Reprazent’s best work to date, the double-vinyl release of “New Forms”, winning them the Mercury Music Prize in 1997.

A Golden Era, indeed!

1. Brian Eno – “2/1″ (Ambient 1 – Music for Airports)
2. DeePulse – “In the Air”
3. Roni Size / Reprazent – “Trust Me”
4. Peshay – “On the Nile”
5. Potential Bad Boy – “The Calling”
6. Nookie – “The Eclipse”
7. Funky Technicians – “Planet Vibe”
8. Appaloosa & DJ Dream – “Chord Data”
9. Foul Play – “Sci-Fi”
10. LTJ Bukem – “Music (Peshay Rework)”
11. Roni Size / Reprazent – “Down”

Week 12 – Pressure ’97 Part A

52mixes Week 12 – Pressure '97 Part A by The Misfit Dj on Mixcloud

So, first up, Pressure ’97! This was arguably my most popular mixtape back in the day. Now available in all it’s drum & bass glory, and in two parts. Recorded live at the original ITFAIS Studios in Lafayette, IN, which then moved to NYC and now North Carolina.

Props are due to Thomas Statnick and Elod Horvath for their patience in allowing me to burn studio time back in the glory days, and learn how to record to DAT. This, and the next mixtape (The Return) were certainly NOT recorded in one take. I can pull that off now, but back then I was still learning.

I still have the original DATs so I may re-rip and pull down into a higher quality version, but for now – here’s the tracklist of Part A: